Burning Phoenix Competition

I know this is a little late but here it goes.

The BPTKD tournament was very exciting for many of us Burning Phoenix students. It was something new and different. Now we don’t just have sparing, patterns, and breaking, but specialty breaking and team breaking as well!

We had visitors from Nevada that supported our tournament, too. Master Gary Bosse, from Las Vegas brought several of his students as well as his family to come join us, and later we all enjoyed dinner together at Artic Circle (Master’s choice). It was a wonderful opportunity to promote comraderie in Taekwon-Do.

Ms. Bunch said “One of the things I liked best about it was all of the breaking that we did. In past tournaments where there were breaking events, you do one hand break and one foot break, and your scores combine into one for one medal. In the Burning Phoenix Challenge, we did hand breaks as one event, then foot breaks as another event, and then specialty breaking, if you were an adult above Green Belt. And finally – TEAM breaking! We’d been told before about chances for team breaking at other tournaments, but they never panned out. So this was our first time actually getting to try it.”

Mr. Chavez said “The competition was fun, I liked how everything seemed to just roll, I also enjoyed being a corner person, during the competition.”

The competition was a lot of fun for nearly everyone. Most people came home with at least one medal. It was one of the best competitions that I‘ve seen in a while.

At the end of the competition there was a Grand Champion chosen. It was a tie, but ultimately a 12 year-old Red Belt, Ms. V. Vega took it home, making her parents very proud!

Mr. Gemmell adds, “I watched as Ms. Vega showed the Grand Champion Trophy to her grandparents when they came to pick her up and take her home. The look on their faces said everything. I can’t remember being prouder, not because she had a trophy, but because I know how hard she has worked to be able to earn it.”

About Gennese Hawks

Ms. Gennese Hawks is a continuing student of the Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do School who originally started by taking classes with Mr. Eric Gemmell, IV Dan, at Salt Lake Community College. Ms. Hawks has been a positive contributing member of the school for some time now, and is just a very upbeat person in general! :-)
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