Burning Phoenix Color-Belt Promotions

Burning Phoenix Color-Belt Promotions March 22

After months of learning, and weeks of strict evaluation, 32 Burning Phoenix students lined up for the first promotion ceremony of the year.

The crowd was excited, but patient, as we applauded our comrades, as each student ran to Front and Center, proudly accepted their new belts, and donning their new colors.

The Burning Phoenix School of Taekwon-Do promoted this day:

2 to High Red Belt
4 to Red Belt
3 to High Blue Belt
6 to Blue Belt
4 to Green Belt
4 to High Yellow Belt
2 to Yellow Belt
7 to High White Belt

Following the organized ceremony, we enjoyed cake and punch to celebrate our victory!

It was weird not wearing our belts to the promotion… [J]ust like every promotion everyone looks so [weird] with new belts cause I’m used to seeing everyone with their old belts … and I’ve decided that red belts are Pomestrawspberries.
- Luis Chavez -

I liked the promotions because after I got my belt back after not wearing one for a while it felt like I was wearing a new belt. I agree with Ms. Bunch “It feels like there’s a bit more ceremony to it when it’s handed to you”.
- Ari Schjelderup -

It felt like we had earned it and that getting the belt and putting it on this time (as we hadn’t been wearing one) made it seem more personal and less like “we’re trying to update everyone’s old belts”.
I also loved the short and sweetness of the promotion.
I was quite thrilled to be able to get my blue belt before I leave, and it was cool seeing practically everyone else advance with me :)
- Alex Angelos -

How quickly promotions went was great… more fun and more enjoyable to see people promoted when we don’t have to stand there for so long. I liked lining up without belts it was interesting, and made it faster for promotion since all we had to do was put a new belt on whether it’s stripes or not.
- Ani Schjelderup -


Burning Phoenix Color-Belt Promotions April 14

Students gathered at the Salt Lake Community College for promotions, supporting 16 students who had earned their advance to the next rank.

Mr. Gemmell had the following to say:
“I am so proud of all these students, who have worked so hard, and given their all to meet the standards that we are trying to set for our school. Each and every one of our students has made us a better school!”

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