USTF Workshop with Grand Master Sereff

On August 18, 2012, Burning Phoenix TKD was delighted to have Grand Master Renee Sereff visit Utah for a 3-hour USTF Workshop.

The morning before the workshop, Grand Master Sereff met with the Utah TKD women for a special ladies-only breakfast. Th breakfast was held at Market Street Grill in downtown Salt Lake City, and attended by about 20 women, mostly from BPTKD with some from Dubbeld TKD. We enjoyed hearing stories from the Grand Master, including some comments on the mysteries of the stepping for the turning-kick back-kick in Choong-Moo.

The workshop began around 1pm, where the first trick was lining up. Once she had us positioned where we could move without trampling our neighbors, we began with kicks. She went over some fun combinations, such as front-kick > flying-front-kick, and some practical exercises, such as the jumping practice for kicks.

After some time of fun kicking and stories, we lined up in columns by rank for patterns, and under the Grand Master’s watchful eye went through by her count, and by our own count. To note: Circular Block.

That session was followed by step-sparring, which was great fun. In addition to some conventional step-sparring practice (and a bit of semi-free), she showed us 2-way-3-step, which practices not only going backward as you block, but going forward! Being a new form, it was a bit confusing at first, but I think we got it in the end and it’s a fun thing to be aware how to do.

We were honored to have such an amazing person travel here to impart some of her great wisdom.

Grand Master Sereff at Workshop in Utah

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