USTF Ho Sin Sul Seminar

Sorry that it took so long to get this article up. This article was a hard one to write, mainly because I didn’t know what to say that you all hadn’t already experienced, but I hope you enjoy it.

August 20, 2011 the Burning Phoenix School hosted a USTF Ho Sin Sul seminar, taught by Master Frank Hannon, VII Dan. He taught everything from falling correctly to releases from chokes. Here are what some of the others have said.

Ani Schjelderup “It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. I liked how the setup of the mats allowed almost everyone to practice at the same time, and Master Hannon was always in the center so easy for everyone to see. The demonstrations were easy to see, and fairly easy to understand for the most part. I liked how everything at the start was prepped for stuff later, and yet was useful just by itself as well. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and the environment overall was just nice.”

Melanie Bunch “Okay, so a quick message to talk about the seminar… It was very cool, and I learned a lot! It was the longest TKD class I’d been to, and I was definitely dragging towards the end.

Some of the techniques taught were actually a refresher for me, as some of the Judo throws and a few other things had been taught at the mixed martial arts school I went to years ago. So I actually felt pretty confident on those things. But there was plenty of new stuff too, and definite moments of “You want me to do WHAT??”.

I liked taking pictures, and I’m happy that I got as many as I did (over 300 – it will be a while before they’re edited). Taking pictures also gave me a great excuse to take breaks from the techniques and walk around to see how all of our other students were doing. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.”

Mindy Pike “I am constantly in amazement at how rich our family is with love, knowledge and eagerness to share what we have.

I went to the Ho Sin Sul seminar with a great amount of trepidation, given that I’m undergoing cancer treatments for bone cancer and my other health problems including seizures, however with the encouragement given I was brave enough to show up. Despite my trepidation and indeed having to sit out for portions of the seminar, I feel like I learned a great deal, and grew closer to my family in the meantime.

I struggled with a number of things, but each time Master Hannon made clarification to make it work.

I paid dearly with soreness for days after the seminar, as I know we all did, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Master Hannon took a moment after the seminar and after signing my belt to give me a few words of praise and encouragement that were entirely unexpected but very much uplifting and enough on their own to make the following days of pain worth it.

I look forward to all the future stuff we’ve got going on and to seeing Master Hannon again next year for our knife defense seminar.”

The class was really amazing! It was serious and fun at the same time.
We would like to say thank you to Master Hannon for everything.

About Gennese Hawks

Ms. Gennese Hawks is a continuing student of the Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do School who originally started by taking classes with Mr. Eric Gemmell, IV Dan, at Salt Lake Community College. Ms. Hawks has been a positive contributing member of the school for some time now, and is just a very upbeat person in general! :-)
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