The Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do School began as Gemmell TKD about Summer of 2000 (over 10 years ago now, wow!) and has been going strong ever since.

About September of 2009 we adopted the name of “Burning Phoenix Taekwon-Do”, and created our awesome school patches, similar to what is seen at the center of the banner at the top of this blog site.

The Phoenix represents the ability to be “reborn” after “death”, which we feel represents the ultimate Indomitable-Spirit (one of the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do); it represents the philosophy that out of every defeat, failure, or “death” (metaphorically speaking, of course) it is possible for an opportunity, or benefit to emerge. It really just comes down to having a positive, “can do” attitude, and the confidence to act on it.

Life tends to be cyclic in nature; people go from task to task, with one ending, and another beginning. As your academic career come to an end, in terms of a degree (of course, never stop learning!) you may find yourself in another “phase” of your life, perhaps starting a family, or a new job or career, or perhaps moving to another area to live. It is important that we learn to embrace the changes of life, and enjoy the wonderful experiences that life has to offer us all.

Our school focuses on teaching skills and philosophies that are consistent with Lifetime Wellness Principles, with a particular emphasis on helping develop each student’s vision for themself, as well as teaching them the emotional and mental attitudes that are necessary in today’s world to succeed. Essentially, we teach successful living strategies through responsibility, awareness, discipline, and self-empowerment.

And of course, with over 29 years combined experience in training and teaching Taekwon-Do, and with the incredible resources available to us through the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (our national accrediting body), we provide highly qualified instruction to all our students!

We are very proud to help out our community by providing positive alternatives to the ever growing problems of youth gangs and drugs. If we stand together against these negative influences, and provide resources like this to our children, we can do more than just wish these problems away – we can help eliminate them alltogether!

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