Ground Fighting Seminar

The Gemmell’s had the great privilege to attend the ground fighting seminar in Broomfield Colorado, Saturday August 13, 2011. They flew out on Friday the 12th and back again on Sunday the 14th.

The Seminar started at 9:00am on Saturday August 13, 2011. They were both dressed in their blues and at headquarters by 8:45am.

Master Frank Hannon, a retired Major from the US Army, taught the seminar.

Mr. Gemmell loved the philosophy that was taught throughout the seminar: don’t try to out grapple the grappler. Use your TKD skills to protect yourself.

Mr. Gemmell was surprised by the simplicity yet overwhelming effectiveness of some of the techniques. Some techniques that can kill yet are easy to perform.

Master Hannon was very organized through out the seminar. He flowed easily from A-Z covering the ground fighting techniques in General Choi’s encyclopedia, Master Hannon also applied military training to TKD.

The Gemmell’s understood why the Seminar was only a day long but wished it could have been longer. “Because of the time constraint there wasn’t much opportunity to hear Master Hannon’s fun stories”,  said Mr. Gemmell

The most applicable thing the Gemmell’s brought back was the old adage: forewarned is forearmed. Just as defending against a weapon, a gun, a knife, take the utmost care when defending against a grappler, his tools and his techniques, for they are deadly weapons.

This seminar helps you begin to appreciate the reality of a situation, or the scenario.

Sunday August 14, 2011 the Gemmell’s were able to train with their instructor: Master Kirk Steadman.

Mr. Gemmell said “‘Senior Grand Master Sereff has said “Technique is forged on the anvil of hard training. It is tempered by your sweat and perseverance.’ While last weekend had been such a fun time already, what with getting to train with Senior Master Martin, getting to have 2 weekends like this back to back is just incredible.

“The level of instruction available within the USTF is simply fantastic, from Senior Master Martin, to Master Hannon, and then Master Steadman – we are very fortunate to have these wonderful people in our great organization!”


The Gemmell’s would like to express their gratitude to Master Hannon and the USTF for making this available.

Pictures will soon follow.


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Post Ho Sin Sul Dinner

We will be meeting at Robintino’s Restaurant at 1565 East and 3900 South, Salt Lake City, for a post seminar dinner to celebrate a great seminar, and to thank Master Hannon for coming to teach it!

Dinner starts at 6:30pm, and should be lots of fun!

Please come and join us – everyone at the seminar is invited! :-)

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The 1st USTF World Camp Challenge has begun!

Ok, here’s the deal:

If we have 20 Burning Phoenix TKD Students signed up to go to USTF World Camp by next Monday, then I have agreed to dye my hair our School Colors (Red, Black, Yellow, and Orange – basically flames, ok?) and I mean the permanent stuff that lasts weeks/months.

We already have 6 people signed up to go, so getting 14 more in about 7 days should be easy, right? Then show me! :-)

Show me your Burning Phoenix Spirit is the best, and make me put my hair where my mouth is! (or something like that, LOL)

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No Classes July 25th at NWMPC

The North West Multi-Purpose Center will be closing at 6pm on Monday, July 25th, so we have decided to cancel classes for that evening. Sorry for the short notice, but we just found out ourselves! :-)

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Welcome to the Brand New BPTKD Blog!

We are very excited to add this new feature to our website!

Our very own Ms. Hawks has agreed to help maintain this blog with respect to writing about current events – thank you very much for stepping up, Ma’am!

Check this Blog out often to see what’s going on!

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